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    2.   GlobalFastener.com USA Head Office

        Address: 152 Seminole Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

        Tel: +1 412 482 7000

        Website: www.GlobalFastener.com

        E-mail Address: info@globalfastener.com

        GlobalFastener.com China Mainland Head Office

        Address: 6/F Huaxing Tech Plaza, No. 477 Wensan Rd., Hangzhou, 310013

        Tel: +86 571 2892 6079

        Website: www.GlobalFastener.com

        E-mail Address: sales@globalfastener.com

        For a long time, international fastener trade has been limited in a single trade market mode “Production relies on orders, and orders clings to exhibitions”. Nowadays, although internet is widely used between fastener suppliers and purchasers, it’s still limited to a small part. Most purchasers or direct users keep the original habit of going to the nearby market or terminal places to buy fasteners. Due to those mentioned situations, the latest service mode “Global Fastener Supermarket chains” comes into being. We’ll efficiently collect firsthand purchasing order forms of high-quality for our members and match to suitable suppliers in time.

        GlobalFastener.com creates channel of distribution for you! It costs you less than that you spend on just one exhibition. You can get one-whole-year (365 days) product show and firsthand business opportunities.

        Instead of doing their own trade, GlobalFastener Supermarket Chains lay distribution show channels for their member companies. We display suppliers’ product samples on the cabinet of the supermarkets, to provide very good product promotions and show channels for fastener suppliers. And it forms a pattern that combines under-line channel network with GlobalFastener.com trade platform together. In addition, for those manufacturers that have stock goods, they can sell their products through GlobalFastener Fastener Supermarket Chains.

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